Camp Descriptions

Shoot & Save / Preseason Prep Team Camp:

  • Open to 6th through 12th graders and incoming college freshmen
  • Team training, playing, and team building (players participate either with their school/club team or on a team of individuals with similar grade and playing levels)
  • The Next Level Camp:

  • Open to 8th through 12th graders and incoming college freshmen.
  • For the more advanced players / teams: training and playing at a higher pace
  • The Leader in Me - Personal & Player Development:

  • NEW in 2014: For players interested in developing more than just hockey-wise in a camp setting!
  • Open to 10th through 12th graders and incoming college freshmen.
  • Combination of hockey practice and play with development in areas such as personal growth, self-confidence, goal-setting, iterative planning, being true to self, building trusted relationships and leadership in an individual and team capacity.
  • Note: Each camp will have specific coaching reserved for the goalkeeper position


    General Camp Schedules 2014

    general schedule

    Camp Goals

    Each Delaware Field Hockey Camp focuses on providing the following:

  • Promote and develop the game of field hockey
  • Offer top coaching to all camp participants
  • Provide a player friendly environment in which learning and improving is fun
  • Challenge you to become more involved in your own field hockey development
  • Present each category level with a custom made coaching curriculum to maximize hockey growth and excitement
  • Experience, play and improve field hockey on AstroTurf and AstroPlay and in a top-notch facility
  • Educate participants on topics such as teambuilding, sports nutrition, leadership as part of improving their game of field hockey
  • Have a blast with other field hockey players and coaches
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    Why your field hockey skills will improve:

  • Coach – player ratio is 1:12
  • Coach – goalkeeper ratio is 1:5
  • You receive personal feedback on technical and tactical skill – "It's like having a personal coach."
  • Game knowledge – learrn from DELAWARE FIELD HOCKEY CAMPS coaches who have international playing and coaching experience.
  • Effective practice time – a minimum of 1400+ hockey balls so we get something going. :)
  • Quality playing time – "The best part about playing field hockey is actually playing field hockey, no worries about conditioning or fitness drills."
  • Note: Delaware Field Hockey Camps are under the direction and supervision of IMPACT Sports & Health Inc. and are independently operated by Rolf van de Kerkhof on behalf of IMPACT Sports & Health Inc. Delaware Field Hockey Camps are neither run nor sponsored by the University of Delaware.
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